Conference Papers

  • New techniques for the evaluation of projects may improve the impact of EU Funds (Case Study: Artificial Neural Networks), International Conference on “The Impact of EU Structural Funds on Greece (1981-2019): Successes, Failures, Lessons learned and Comparisons with other EU members”, University of the Peloponnese, 2019
  • Managing Refugee crisis in Greece: Risk management in international protection funds, University of Peloponnese, 2017
  • Reengineering the Procurement Process in Public Sector, University of Peloponnese, 2015
  • Costing of Services – Activity Based Costing Method, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, 2014
  • Procuring services for the asylum procedure, EDPD, Athens, 2014
  • Developing Open-Source Web-sites for Municipal Sports Organizations, ELLEDA, 2013
  • Saving Resources in Municipal Entities, University of Peloponnese, 2012